Premium Roll In Dock

Heavy Duty Aluminum Frame with Protective Resin Sidewalls

Roll In Dock for Easy Installation and Removal Including Smooth or Gradually Sloping Bottoms.  Combine Multiple Sections for Unlimited Configurations. Each Section Weighs Less than 200 Lbs. No Need to Get Wet with 39" Adjustable Leg.   Lifetime Warranty

Premium Frame Roll In Dock Kit w/Resin Top - 4'x10'- Build It Yourself

PART#: KT 13222

Price includes everything as shown.  All PlayStar Retailers will have a complete Price for this project and may vary from what is listed below.


Premium Frame Roll In Dock Kit w/Resin Top - 4'x10' - Pre-Built

PART#: PS 23222

Pre-Built docks are custom built and available in approximately two weeks. Some final light assembly may be required. If Added to Cart below freight is "curbside" delivery by contracted carriers. QUANTITY DISCOUNT 2 or more for $2599 each.  Product may be available from your local retailer and will ship directly to that location.

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Tools for Assembly

  • Safety Glasses
  • Gloves
  • Measuring Tape
  • Saw Horses
  • 9/16", 1" Socket & Ratchet
  • 9/16" or Combination Wrench
  • Drill w/2" Hole Saw (Not Needed for Pre-Built)
  • Phillips Head Screwdiver (for hole alignment) (Not Needed for Pre-Built)
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PS 23222 & KT 13222 Premium Frame Roll In Dock Kit

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What is difference between Premium and Aluminum Dock Frames?

Premium Frame is entirely surrounded by Resin side walls for built in bumper protection.   Premium frame contains 30% more aluminum and is subsequently stronger.   Premium frame was designed to mimic a 2" x 6" and the internal stringers are 2x the size.

Does this dock also come in 4ft by 16ft size?

This Dock is only available in 4' x 10' sections.

How far do the legs adjust?

They can be adjusted from two different positions.  A simple lower pin adjustment allows up to 22 inches in 3 1/2" increments.  A top screw adjustment with a 1" socket finely varies the height of your dock up to 17"

What is the height range?

Roll In Dock Height is 44" to 83". 

How much weight can a 4' x 10' support?

A Premium Dock Section will support over 1,500 lbs.

Do I need to remove my dock during the winter months?

Normal freezing and thawing will not damage a PlayStar Dock. However, docks are left in at owner’s discretion. No dock can withstand heavy ice movement.

You should consider the following factors:

    What has been the history of ice movement at your location?
    Do other dock owners in your area take their docks in or leave them out?
    Are there local restrictions or requirements?
    What kind of recreational activities take place around the dock during the winter?

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