PortSide Docks, Parts and Accessory Patents

The following is a list of dock products that have patents pending or are covered by one or more United States or foreign patents/trademarks and are available on this website.

Patent # / Trademarks# For the Design: US/CA
6,098,564 Floating Dock Section US
6,145,463 Float Apparatus for a Floating Dock US
7,153,064 Pipe Sleeve for a Floating Dock US
2,270,012 Floating Dock Section CA
2,261,438 Float Apparatus for a Floating Dock CA
2,358,078 PLAYSTAR (for non-metal floating docks) US
609,409 PLAYSTAR (CANADA-all product lines) CA
636,981 PLAYSTAR and Oval Design-Canada CA
3,230,453 PLAYSTAR and Oval Design - US US